Friday, January 28, 2011

Red Floral Skirt

Another piece of clothing down. I cut this out quite some time ago, just like the pink gingham top. This skirt is from the McCall's 5591 pattern. I made the one that is yellow and black above. The only real changes I made were the waistband & pocket edges...I contrasted them the same as the bottom.

The only snag I ran into was the size. I have lost enough that the original cut size was too large. I just took in the sides before finishing it off & viola! Although, by the time the weather matches the skirt, I hope to be even smaller. So it may need another alter.

The pocket edges are the red contrast and the pocket itself is simply muslin. It blends well enough, and frankly, I did not have that much of the floral print left. But I prefer this since if it were floral, it would not line up correctly.

The zipper even went in nicely. It is pale pink, but you can't really tell. And I don't think, well, I really hope, no one will be close enough to that area to tell anyway :P

This is inside the bands - both upper waist and lower contrast. I wanted to give a shot to a better cleaner finish. It went well. I will do it differently next time, but it should look the same, only the method will be messed with.

Now I need to find...or perhaps make...a top that will go with it.


Karen said...

Very pretty! That is going to be sooo comfortable. I love skirts in the summer.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

What a wonderful "snag" to run into! I hope you have to alter it again before spring :)
Love the fabric...very cheerful!

storybeader said...

I really like the yellow and black skirt. What a nice combination! Too bad it might not fit lol {:-D

tamdoll said...

That skirt looks fantastic, love the red. You're post is making me want to sew clothes for myself.

Duni said...

I love the fabric you chose and the stlye of the skirt! The contrasting waistband and hem are a great idea.
This makes me long for spring even more :)

cindy said...

cute red skirt!