Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I can't get the Batman theme music out of my head as I write thing...but don't worry, I have resisted adding the music :)

I think she turned out pretty good. I debated fancy stitches, but I do so like the simplicity of the backstitch. And since her hair is not Poison Ivy wild, there was no need to get all fancy there.

The darker blue background works too. Gives it that dark shadowy edge. And her boots & belt really pop!

And I finished off the I Read Banned Books (design by Urban Threads). I am on the fence about painting the hoop. And if so, what color?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Old Too Big Tee into a Shrug

I was browsing blogs last week and ran across this fun tutorial on Trashn2Tees. She took a tee shirt and turned it into a fun spring shrug with a lettuce edge.

I just so happened to be going through my clothes later that week and nabbed a couple tees of my own for this fun little project. It turned out pretty good too. I added some lettuce edged strips to one side for a little pop & ruffle.

I opted for a shorter sleeve...same edging.

The biggest bump was the back neckline. The tee was too big to begin with and the new line behind and around the shoulders is a tad too wide to stay on well. Although a different top underneath may be all the difference it needs for a fix.

I am considering adding another strip or two around the neckline area but with some elastic thread to gather it in tighter so it will stay on better. We'll see. If nothing works - it's no loss since the tee was in the to be given away pile anyway.
Any other ideas?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Schedule Update Needed

Okay - I have nothing to show you. I need to make some adjustments to my schedule now that I am working. It may not seem like much, but the 24 hours spent working takes up lots of time that I used to create. I just hope these adjustments still allow for all the blow off, um, I mean important networking time online :P
But seriously, I do think a little tweaking will allow for even more creative time. I do know that some of my computer time will have to shrink. And it should not be too hard to figure out where to shrink.
But for now, I'll see if this works:

Oh wait - I left 3-6pm blank!!! Well, I suppose that makes sense. Little guy is now home & what I do all depends on him. We may play together or he may want to play alone. If so, I can do some cleaning or more sewing or even online stuff.

So yeah, I left out "clean house" time...hmmm...oh well :P Between the quick cleans that inevitable happen as I am walking around & pass a mess (can't pass it without picking it up somewhat) and the weekend & the older one's'll be fine. Livable anyway. So no different than now :P
I am raising children, not a home for photo shoots. As long as we don't stick to the floors & fuzzy stuff isn't growing everywhere - it's good.

Okay - so lost what I was going to say. Definitely need to keep blog time when kiddo is not babbling constantly & asking me stuff.

But, um, you do know I was exaggerating about the clean, right? Right?!? It's not that scary here, really. So you can visit safely...just no white glove testing please.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WIPadeedoodah oh my what a very full day...s
Okay, I was close. But dayS it is, plural. I got myself a big 'ol batch of embroidery hooplas ready to stitch up & go.

I should finish this one off tonight. It's another fab piece from Urban Threads. I tried to make the chain links just wonky enough to look banged up. I also plan to print up a list of the top 100 banned books to go with it :) Hubby & I decided to get a copy of them for a shelf here...although we may already have quite a few :P

And this is what's to come. I know you can't exactly see just what it is that will be stitched...except for that front piece. I took the image from a statue. I of course now want the statue, but after I saw some of Harley & Ivy...well, I only have so much space for such things. I may just draw or stitch them for my own walls someday. Much more room on the walls than horizontal surfaces :P
Anyway... I think you can get an idea of the volume. There are some smaller hoops hiding in there as well.

Wish me luck :) I hope to complete one every other day. It may be a bit too ambitious with the new job and all. What? New job you say? Why yes, new job :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Youtique Craft Show

That was me Saturday. It has been quite some time since I have done a show. Feels like it anyway. This show was set up my the Michigan Artisans. It was their Youtique show. Love that name :) The Youtique is a shopping event with the community in mind. Each event has a featured charity and a silent auction chock full of goodies from the vendors. I hope to be a part of their shows again.

My table was on the teeny side - about 3x3. I practiced my set up for a 4x3. But no biggie.

The box with the embroidery is set up the same as I practiced. I do need something to actually show them all. I do not think that could have happened in this space though. I was thinking maybe a hinged set of cupboard doors with a screen instead of the solid door panel to hang them from. or even something taller to set up next to - or instead of - the table.

The bags were just "spilling" out of a storage box thingy. It sort of worked. Looked better when on a larger table though.

I decided to use the chairs off to the side. It almost worked...almost. The pic below shows the bag chair...which looked better later on with some rearranging.
The other side of the table had the pillows. I have an old suitcase that I propped open with two filled pillows set inside & the rest waterfalling over the lip. No close up pic, but you can see it up in that first shot.

Anyone have any ideas for pillow displays?

Luckily, there were some hooks on the wall behind the chair (it looks black in that pic above). I hung a couple of the large bags. That did work :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Sketches

Another week - another sketch. And another fairy on a mushroom. I like drawing the bodies - but not so much the faces...mostly noses. I do not like noses. It is a good thing that my style is not one that requires reality. If I want realistic looking artwork, I'll get a photo :P Besides, it is so hard to get fairies to sit still and pose.

Getting back to drawing has been so good for me. I still need to do it more...and to get the paints back out. But for now, the pencils are great! I am so glad I tripped across the link party at Blue Chair Diary. Thanks Sophia :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pac-Man WIP

My son asked me to make a "thread painting" of his Pac-Man picture. I thought I had finished it, but then I was told the words, ghosts, dots & Pac-Man were to be filled in. Ugh. This is on a lightweight stretch canvas - this won't exactly be tons of fun.

Off to stitch - the things we do for our kids :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday Sketches

...on a Monday.
I am a day off with my posting. I was out at my parents yesterday and when I got home, I just never got back on the computer. I did get some embroidery done, but more on that later.

For now - my newest sketch....

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