Friday, July 1, 2011

Finally Sewing

I may be having a "I am taking a break from sewing" sale, but I have been sewing....just not things for the shop. Things for me. About time, I know.

I am actually hoping that sewing something different will help rekindle the spark needed for the shop. Worst case, it doesn't & I just stick to the embroidery for the shop. While increasing my
wardrobe :)

This skirt actually started off as a dress. This dress, McCalls 5619:
The dress itself turned out just fine...but looked horrid on me. So I whittled it down to this skirt:

This next one looked much, MUCH, better on me. But alas, no one around to snap a pic. On the plus side, it does mean that I have gotten smaller since it fits me but is too tight on the dress form. Time to refit her.

I used the Vogue 1236 pattern for this one.

The fabric is a seersucker that I have had lying around for ages. I figured if it did not turn out, no big loss. But it turned out just fine.

I did topstitch the neckline, which was not called for. If I make this again, which I may, I would use a lighter fabric & leave it "free" so the pleats look like they flow up & over the neckline.