Saturday, January 31, 2009

My First Custom Order

I have only done one custom order online before the bridal party from my last post.

The bag for that one turned out beautiful, but there are some things I would do differently. I now know to ask more questions and send out pictures as I go through the process. There was one thing she wanted that was miscommunicated. I made the inset she wanted and sent it out to her as quick as I could. I wanted to make sure she was totally happy with everything, and I believe she was. This is the bag and insert I made for her. She will be using the bag as both a purse and diaper bag, so the insert is for the diapers and wipes. Originally she was thinking of a zippered pocket attached inside to act as a divider. But in the end, a removeable pouch seemed the way to go.

The smaller zip pouch in the picture was made for my etsy shop -
I just put it in the picture with the larger bag
and keyring to maybe use for marketing.

I think I will make this extra large zip pouch more often. I tried one out for me and loved it. It was large enough to hold my travel art or embroidery stuff inside my large tote. Made for a quick and easy find when I was waiting in the doctor's office - no riffling through the tote needed. I am about to make one with a thin strap or loop for my son's Legos - with a felt applique of a Lego creation on the outside. That should be fun.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Custom Bride

I am so excited. I get to make clutches for a bridal party! The bride is a total NON-bridezilla - so very fun. The color theme is primarily chocolate brown, the girl's dresses are hot pink and there are apple green accents. We spent some time looking through fabric. She had some ideas initially that she sent me, more to give me a feel of what she was thinking than the exact fabric. I went out and bought some that I thought fit the idea. I figured it did not matter if she did not choose them because I loved them anyway and would use them later.

These are mock ups of the bags. I simply took a picture of each fabric with the frame holding the fabric. Each girl gets a different fabric. The bride wanted them each to have one that fit their style so it could be used after the wedding too. The wedding itself sounds fun - nice and relaxed...the way a wedding should be.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Etsybloggers Trunk Show

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sort: check

Phew! Finally got through all my fabric. I have quite a bit that are not right for bags or only as decoration on bags. I decided that I will put them up for sale on my 2nd Etsy shop Tilt Too (which I have not yet opened, so don't try looking yet). I hope to list them this weekend.

Those are the various boxes they were in...there are smaller boxes inside the larger ones. There was even a silver garbage can that held fabric too - unused for anything but fabric of course. I used it as a side table by putting a round lid on top. It made for nice & easy access.

Seeing the fabric laid out on the table made me wonder why I needed so many boxes. Now I just need to put them away in their new home.... after I take pictures of each and catalog what I have & how much each costs. It may sound a tad anal, but it will help in the long run. Now when I make a new bag, all I have to do is go to the computer to find the more flipping through various notebooks! Plus, the picture of the fabric will already be stored in case I forget before I start cutting.

Once that is all done, maybe I can get back to creating without all the frustration of finding what I need. On the down side - I can't use it as an excuse for procrastinating.

I even went through all my patterns, many to go to destash as well, and all the other odds 'n ends in the drawers by my table. Yeah me! :) *pats self on back & smiles until realizes must now start getting back to work*

Sunday, January 25, 2009

How Should I Fix This?

I really like this bag - it is just so fun with the sparkly pink kitties. The only problem is how badly I flubbed the handle area. I tried a pink felt did not work! So I experimented with more stitching. I figured why not, I was gong to cut it out anyway.
So my question is this: Do I try to salvage the design and recut the handle or take hours to remove the felt & resew another overlay or just chop off the top portion along the bottom curve of the handle and put on straps?
Any other ideas are greatly appreciated.

Addition: After reading some comments that were asking what was wrong because they didn't see the problem...I decided to add these last two pics. And yes, I know I can be a tad picky...aren't we all about our own work? But it's just uneven & kinda shoddy. I have been thinking that I may try to cover it once more with a solid piece & think of the felt as padding or interface :) Worst case - I am back to where I started. And I like the PIF idea if I can't get it the way I like.

This was the first handle of this sort I have tried and the many instructions I have read for this type were all confusing and contradictory. If anyone has seen a clear tutorial please let me know.

Thanks again to all those who responded.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Need to Paint More

...and not just my walls.

I used to paint all the time. I moved out of mom & dad's and in with hubby...guess it is something you have to do once married :) Our place was only 800 sq feet...with 3 people and a dog. There was no room left for painting. We moved into our current home 6 years ago...but I still have yet to set up an area. We have a basement in this one and I think I have it cleaned up enough to make a mess of with my painting.
So I have set a goal to paint at least once a week. And I plan to post here to help keep myself on goal and hopefully to provide you with some art..or at least a good chuckle. Keep in mind - I enjoy more than I am good at it...but I won't let that stop me :)

I do plan to take pics of more - they are in storage right now. I have some ideas of ways to rework/reuse them.

But for are some of my older works:

Friday, January 23, 2009

Team Challenge Creation

I am part of the etsy team Big Damn Crafters. It is for fans of Firefly and Serenity...TV show and movie by Joss Whedon. Last month we had a Secret Santa serenity challenge and my character was Wash, the pilot. He loves to play with his plastic dinosaurs and wears Hawaiin shirts. So I created this messenger bag for him to discreetly carry his dinosaurs while camouflaged with a Hawaiin floral print.

I did not take a lot of before and during pictures because I had started the bag before this blog. But since it was my first bag completed since starting this blog, I decided to post what I have.

This first picture is of the bag's exterior. Denim was used for the bag so it would be sturdy. I had used an old Hawaiin shirt of my dad's for the "camouflage" aspect of the bag. This was the first time I had upcycled an article of clothing for one of my bags.

The lining I added was a simple navy and white striped cotton. I put a denim pocket on the back wall...I tend to put pockets in all my bags that are large enough for one. There are pockets on the exterior sides and under the flap as well. I would normally line the pockets, but being denim I felt this was not necessary. I did use turquoise bias tape to cover the raw edges. The side pockets turned out to be a perfect size for the small plastic dinosaurs. You can see them in all the "after" pictures below. There is even a pocket on the flap...the original pocket from the shirt :)

This bag is for sale in my Etsy shop if you are interested.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hello & welcome to my newest blog.
I am still under construction and hope to post my introduction post later this week. I just wanted to grab this URL while I still could.
What will be here in the future?
Works in progress
Tutorials: sewing and other arts & crafts
Reviews on craft related tools and sites
Finalized projects
....and more