Thursday, January 20, 2011

Green Jellies

Two down this time. Both green. Both possibly sea creatures. They are actually the same as the very large Orange Jelly I made a couple weeks ago. Only teenier. There was also an even teenier one a very long time ago that became a key chain. He looked more squid like. Actually, so do these. Jelly or Squidy? I may have to refer to the 5 year old for the best answer. He is good at that.

The larger one is nice and soft and made of fleece. The suckers and face are both felt.

The little guy has the same coloring as mama, but has yet to grow into his softiness. The young are felt - much sturdier for survival.


Athena said...

Those are so friggin' cute! Hmmm, I'm actually thinking, "Octy". :)

Anonymous said... sweet! I made them a few years back (felt marine animals)...I miss them :(

storybeader said...

how cute. they remind me of octopuses. but wait, they're monsters! {:-D