Friday, January 21, 2011

Olive Corduroy Pillows

The last of the pillows are done. I really like these. They are nice and big. My 18 inch inserts fit very nicely.

I don't have the best shot of the back, but it is a simple envelope style closure. There is one reverse applique circle on it for a touch of oomph. A touch of oomph? Is that a real thing? It should be.

The inside lining is a minty green like the print in the applique.

Now I just need to decide whether or not to wash them before I photograph them & list. Being corduroy with raw edges, there is lots of fluff that keeps finding its way elsewhere. I suppose it couldn't hurt. After all, whoever buys it will most likely wash them at some point. I just know there are lots of people who don't like their new things being, well, not so new by being washed before they buy it.


Hello there! My name is June said...

Those are gorgeous! I like the use of pattern & texture.

Khaye said...

How Cute!!! I miss sewing!

Three Fates said...

Oh, I love these. The colors are great!

randomcreative said...

Gorgeous! I love them!

storybeader said...

those are so nice. A real close, close pic would be nice! I love the idea of being able to throw them in the washer machine! {:-D