Thursday, January 6, 2011

Finished Off the Ginger Dot Pillows

It took more than the weekend to finish off these pillows. Not much more, just a couple days. A couple days home with a little boy who had an upset tummy. Poor little guy.

They turned out cute. The pics don't quite capture the colors, but it is close. Taking pics of some yellows and reds don't work well in my home. Maybe it's the green walls?

Anyway...they fit the 14 inch inserts pretty well. I did have to adjust one to fit better.

And bonus with those couple extra days...I came up with some solids ideas for the leftover circle cut outs. I'll get those photoed and edited for tomorrow.

Question for you: Do you prefer your pillow covers with a zipper or envelope style?


Anonymous said...

They turned out awesome! I love them- the circles flow so well with the background print. Hope the little guy is better now!

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

They look great! I personally prefer envelope style - otherwise my hair gets caught in the zippers!

storybeader said...

hope the bug is not catching. Love the colors of the pillows. I prefer the envelope style - no broken zippers, metal, easy to wash... {:-D