Monday, June 13, 2011

Where's Tilt?

That makes me think of Where's does this pic...

Needless to say - it is hard to find, well, anything!!! I would like to blame it all on the basement and it's wonderful puddles which led to the squooshing of supplies into one small space (btw -the result of the wet is going to be tearing up our front yard & basement floor)....but I can't. Not fully anyway. I need to do a clean out. Which may be good for anyone looking for some good destash fabrics. And even better for those looking for a sale. Yup - SALE!!!

I need to go through all my stash & supplies, thin things out and decide which things I will continue and which I will not. Either way - all my bags will be going on a big "I am not sewing for a while" sale.

Stay tuned for details. And if you are a sewer, particularly with quilting fabrics, I will be posting a folder on Flickr of all the fabrics I will be willing to part with :)