Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Custom Backpack Completed

It is always fun when the customer lets you chose things. She knew she wanted basic black for the exterior with a specific pendant she saw on another bag I made. But when it came to the lining...it was all me. So I chose this fun bold almost psychedelic print - very fun :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Last of the Fabric Baskets...until the next round

I showed you the blue set last week and here is the brown set:

Thanks to everyone who threw out some ideas/suggestions. I think the next round will be different sized baskets - 1 set smaller and 1 larger. Maybe a couple large enough for some towels.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It Took Like a Year!

Felt like it anyway. This embroidery piece seems to have been picked up and put down more times than I can count! It got to the point that I almost just gave up. I am not sure why exactly. Maybe I was just playing during the wrong times. Like soccer practice when it got too windy & I couldn't see past my hair blowing in my face. Or a craft show that actually picked up too much to be doing such work (which was a good thing). But whatever the reason...it's done!

Well...almost. As I looked at it again, I decided to make a small change, an addition really. For each girls hair I am going to sew on a piece of scrap fabric for their hair scrunchie thingies. Only the center one has anything now. Somehow I totally skipped over the other 2 :P

And then it will become a pillow. That is what the fabric framing it in the pic is. I hope to complete it next week. I have too much on my plate right now to start. I'll show you what later, but here's one of the WIPS...it's going to be a backpack...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fabric Baskets in Blue

The past couple weeks have been busy with family things, but I did get more baskets done. I showed off the fire truck basket that I gave to my son already. These are the remaining blue themed baskets.
I did take the "easy way out" and used pre-quilted cotton fabric for the insides. But I do think it looks nicer than the one I made myself with cotton batting last year. They also stand up nicer.

I have a trio of brown coming soon as well. I still need to figure the pricing on these, so they probably won't be in my shop until after the 1st craft show this season...May 1st, so only a week away!

I know I want to make some smaller & possibly different shapes. But I am trying to decide if I want to make any larger ones. These are about 10-12 inches tall & oval shaped, about 9x6. What do you think? Larger? Or just stick to different shapes & smaller?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fabric Buckets

I have started another sewing round. This time they are fabric buckets. Baskets? I think bucket is best. The first one with the fire trucks went to my son. He loves filling it up with a batch of toys from his bedroom to bring out to the front room. I have about 7 more to make and then...photo shoot! woo hoo? At least the sun should be out more now.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Yummies!

I like to make something to bring my mom on Easter...besides the usual desserts. Last year it was a flock of chicks and an embroidery piece. This year, well, I have the how-to sitting on my sewing table. And all the bits 'n pieces. Just no actually bunnies were made.
So I went for the next best thing...chocolate! Dark chocolate! Yum!

And could you read that bit in the lower corner? I enlarged it for you...it is quite important when dealing with chocolate....

Friday, April 2, 2010

Fixed It With Buttons

Buttons - sewing's duct tape. Fixes many an oops. Like my front zip pouch I made some time back. I think I may have been on too much of a roll because I skipped a small step when making this one.

The ribbon trim that also serves as the strap. Well, I did not sew it down before I finished off the pouch sides. Oops. First try...glue. But it could be seen through the ribbon. Almost like a mild stain. I do not have a pic that shows it, but the one below does show the gap left by not sewing it down.
Button time! I chose buttons that matched the medallions of the print & added until I liked the look. I am chalking this one up as a "mistake" that led to a better ending.

This happens often in pretty much any media I ever play with. I make sure to teach my kids this also...that we learn from our mistakes...and usually they are not mistakes at all...merely "creative paths".