Friday, October 30, 2009

New Purses and a Happy Customer

I am actually going to start with the second half of that title. The other week I had someone buy my new Sushi clutch. It traveled all the way to Singapore. How cool. The other day I received an email from her. I was blown away with what she had to say. I decided to share some of it with you.

"I got your package today! It was a lovely surprise (I'd thought shipping would take longer).
I love the way you wrap each bag and I love the way you send out the package. It's so personalised, clearly done with lots of love and care... I know that I have bought something very special! Thank you for the handmade card, too, and for remembering my sister! Your sincerity and personalised touches make it a dream to shop with you. Thank you!
I decided to look for you on facebook and became a fan of your page. :) I am also writing to let you know that you have inspired me...
...Your package made me happy in so many ways. First, just getting anything in the mail -- even if it's a present from myself -- always makes me happy; second, new things are exciting; third, your bags are so gorgeous they really surpassed my expectations (and I had high expectations as I did not want to underestimate you!); fourth, like I said, the personalised touches made it so heartfelt and warm. And then, besides just receiving the parcel, reading your facebook page and your blog made me think that there is hope for me yet. "
I just love hearing that :)

Now onto my new purses. They are a hybrid, size wise, of my Rachelle and Theresa bags. They have one strap and a zippered closure under the flap. The flaps get decorated to mimic the exterior fabric. And I of course have a little fun with the fabric lining. After the first bag I made I changed up one thing though...the interior zippered pocket. They are a pain and I am not always so sure I prefer them. So I decided to make a pouch out of the pocket instead. They have a small loop so you can attach them to the clip inside or just use freestyle, leaving the clip open for keys & such. These pics show 3 of the 4 in this batch.

Now I just need to name this style. I usually name the bags after the first person I make it for or buys it. But this one has not been bought yet. I suppose I could just refer to it as Mid Size Purse until one sells....

Friday, October 23, 2009

What I Have Been Up To...

...vacation, photos, listings & sewing. The usual. Except for the lack of blogging....and the vacation. I rarely vacation...I went down to Nashville area to visit my brother & his family. It was the 1st time I have been there since they moved a year ago. The place is gorgeous. But that 9 hour drive is a killer.

And I usually blog more - lots more. It seems like most of my time at the computer has been for editing photos and listing. If only cameras snapped square shots *sigh*. The first round of pics had 313...the second had only 180. And all for 25 new bags and a couple re-shoots.

I made some collages on Picnik of some newer bags. I will add links as I list them...
clicking on some of the collages will bring you to that section of my shop at either Etsy or Artfire.

clockwise from top left: cherry red & pink floral, fuchsia & black,orange vintage & blue, Nicoise Spice & burgundy Venus handbags

Raisin berries & sprigs, Pink Kelso Paisley, Jelly Bean Fireworks, Burgundy corduroy floral

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

And Lastly...September Challenge Day 30

...sort of. I finished this up on the trip down to Nashville (well, Franklin - Clovercroft actually). I am counting it as my Day 30 since on the real Day 30 I was busy running around trying to find clothes that fit and were suitable for a baptism. So I gave myself a pass on that day.

And did you know - embroidery in a car - not so easy. I still like the way it came out. Actually, the more I think about it - calling the roses Day 30 is a stretch since I started it at my last craft show. Oh well - I did good the rest of the month. Yeah me!

Thanks for coming by to check out my day by day crafts. Next month, well, this month, I am hoping to get through some WIPs (works in progress). I'll make sure to note which things I show are new and which are WIPs. See you later.