Monday, January 10, 2011

Pink Paisley Dervil

Dervil? Yes, Dervil. Almost a devil but not quite.

I feel good that I am feeding the hungry stuffies. Someone asked me what they are for...selling or keeping. I am thinking sell. Otherwise my home will be quickly over run.

Now if they meant what do you use them for, um, well, nothing. They are just cute little buddies to have around. Although I have been using one as a pin cushion.
Don't worry, he wasn't harmed :)


Athena said...

He's great! Love the colors. :)

storybeader said...

I think they're adorable. great fabric! {:-D

Anonymous said...

Very nice:) Sometimes it's nice to deviate from your typical projects and do something fun just for the heck of it! I love them. And I'd have no problem using one as a pin cushion too!