Monday, January 17, 2011


There are a couple gifts I got this Xmas that have gotten my mind rolling a bit with some ideas.

I have embroidery on my list of to-dos this year. And fan based themes are always fun. So expect some Who'isms and Stargate goodies in the sort of near future. And depending on whether or not you travel via Tardis, that could be any time.

The little Lego guys were not part of my gift, but they may still find there way into a frame somehow.

And this watch was for my son. We found it on Think Geek...I just love that place! I now have some math related geekiness swirling too.

Now how soon I get started on creating is yet to be determined. I at least created a Stargate themed blog post. Does that count?
I still have some stuffies to finish, some clothes and new bags to start. But I have started watching the DVDs, so that's something :)


ponco susanto said...
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storybeader said...

I think the Stargate themed post counts absolutely! It means the wheels are turning. And I love that watch - and know DH would love it! Need to check out that site - never heard of it before... {:-D

roseworksjewelry said...

I'd love to see the Stargate ones! I really need to watch Dr. Who...

ShinyAdornments said...

I LOVE Think Geek. Nice to see a post from a fellow crafting nerd.

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