Monday, August 30, 2010

Almost Back

My sewing table is in place. Fabric is once again overflowing my shelves. And ideas are rapidly spinning out of control in my brain. But first things draperies. I will be starting with the "dining room" which is where I sew. There is only one window, so no matching treatments required. Not that I feel the need to match :P

I have a picture in my mind, which I tried to recreate on GIMP. I "plan" to use a basic white linen or something with enough sheer to let light through but not enough to see through clearly. I want to take thin ribbon-like strips of quilting cotton to be both the loops and the applique. They will not be all the same length and will meander on down the length after they make the loops. Does that make sense? No? Guess that is what final pics are for :P

I decided to do a mock up of my mock up...maybe now it makes more sense. The strips will probably be thinner & greater in numbers. I also plan to keep the edges raw for a bit of fray.

I am not sure if I will start this before little guy heads off to school next week. But i do intend to do some more mock ups of ideas...before they spin so out of control that they fly outta my noggin' :P

Friday, August 13, 2010

Gone Longer Than I Thought

It looks like I will be away from this blog longer than I originally anticipated. If you follow my other blog, Crafts, Kids, Home & Life, you know why. Here's a hint if you don't....

Floors & walls...both are looking awesome, but having my whole downstairs redone means little to no time for creating. It will be complete next week, but I expect it'll be another couple weeks until everything is back in it's place & ready to go. So come September & the little guy is in all day Kindergarten...I hope to be showing off some newly made goodies. Until then....