Thursday, April 30, 2009

Serenity Messenger Bag

Well - I decided to go with a messenger bag for my Serenity embroidery. I thought it made the most sense with the show. I even left to edges out and raw looking for that space cowboy feel. Rugged, yet durable.

I now have to decide...keep it for myself or put it in my shop? Do you think it'd have a chance of selling.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Craft it Forward

I am always looking for a reason to craft something new. But I usually need someone to give (or sell) it to or else my home would quickly become overrun!
I was looking at UniqueCommodities, Memories for Life and Beaded Tail's blogs and they are all doing a Craft It Forward, so I decided to be a copy cat and do the same! So here it goes!

I'm going to offer a Craft It Forward to the first five people to respond to this post. You will get something handmade by me!

Here are the restrictions that come with this:
*There are no guarantees you will like what I make...although I sure hope you do!
*What I create will be just for you
*You'll receive it this year (2009)
*The item will be a surprise to you and can be ANYTHING handmade
*And in return, all you need to do is post this text into your blog, email me the link back to your Craft It Forward blog and make 5 things for 5 people...the post doesn't have to be done now now, but before crafts are sent out it should be up so I know it's been put into motion to craft it forward :)

The first 5 people to respond in the comments section WINS!!!!!

After you have posted about the "Craft it Forward" and offered prizes I will need a way to contact you for addresses and such - so either leave contact info in the comments or email me (my email address is in my profile).

Also it would be helpful to know what your favorite color is and what crafts you excel at I can try not to give you something you whip up yourself all the time :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Treasury Feature Fun

I found myself in a second treasury in the past few days :) The firsr one has since expired, but click on the second one to go leave some love!

That's my Green Ribbon Handbag in the bottom center spot.

That was my Blue Suede Bag in the bottom right corner.

Both of those were created by a fellow Etsyblogger - Peacox Creations...thanks sweetie!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Show and Tell: A Small Twist

I made a tote a little while back that my mom took on vacation. I knew she'd like it. The size was just right for all their beach things and the way it keeps everything inside by hugging your hip. The strap is kind of funky, but lets the bag wrap around you so even when you lean over stuff does not fall out. She liked it so much I decided to make a few more. And I even got an order for one when I was wearing the small version. yippee!

I made a smaller version of the Twist bag for myself. I wanted a new bag, one that can be hands free with quick access. This is the first one I made. It turned out cute, but the strap was a bit too short. It fit my mom ok (she's only 5'2") but on me (5'7") it was too short & tight under the but area. I think I may take it apart at the center of the strap & extend it.

Anyway, just thought I'd share:

Oh yeah...and this was the larger version:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why photos are hard to take...

Hi Mom!

This is what happens when I try to get stuff done when my youngest is around. He was laying on the floor & popped up right when I was snapping the pic. Changed the focus & everything.

No wonder I have nearly 15 bags ready to list & yet can't. Heck, while writing this he has pulled me away 4 times!.

If only school lasted longer than 3 hours *sigh*

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bizarro Clutch

Have you ever wondered how many different designs can be out there? Ever hear about people "borrowing" designs and claiming they never saw the other one out there that looks just like theirs? just happened to me. And no, my pattern wasn't "borrowed".

I just finished off a new clutch this weekend. 100% me. Most of it was even freehand. I drafted out the basics: handle & body. I pleated the body & curved the sides after I sewed in the pleats to give it shape.

And this evening I took some pics and then checked my email while they downloaded. I had lots more to pic than just the clutch.

Lo & newsletter from The Fabric Shopper had advertised a pattern for a clutch that is nearly identical to the one I just made. And I know I have never seen it before. I guess there are just only so many ways to make a basic pleated curved clutch with a flat attached grip handle.

So if you see something out there that looks a lot like doesn't necessarily mean that someone "borrowed" the pattern. It's all in the individual touch you give it that makes it yours.'s my Bizarro clutch:

And the pattern I saw tonight...after the fact...

Vendor Apron

I made a vendor apron for my last craft show. I wanted something with a pocket for cash, notepad, calculator & pens. I also wanted to make sure the cash pocket was front & center with no way of falling out as I moved around. So I zippered it shut.

I was going to do a simple cotton apron like the one I use in the kitchen, but it needed to be a tad more durable. So I used a denim fabric for the base & one of my fave florals for the pockets. Topping it all with a burgundy bias tape strip along the edges & matching fabric for the ties.

I love how it turned out. Everything fit in perfectly & the money stayed put! Too much unfortunately...but that was not due to the apron so much as the show being a bust. Here's to next time!

See the pins? "Make Art" and "Art for art's sake" from Barrel of son wanted a bunch, so I got a few also. They go well with the apron I think :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I finished my Serenity embroidery! Woo Hoo!
Now I need to decide what it is going to be? Pillow? Backpack? Tote? Probably not a tote - too simple....unless I use it for a tutorial too...hmmm...

Anyway - here it is...and so is the pic I based it on:

Next up: Crafty Bunny from Urban Threads and my Faerie baby...I figure a week for each.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flock Me

Okay - it was either "Flock Me", "I flocked myself" or a "Flock of Seagu...Chickens", but if you weren't around in the 80's you'd be thinking "huh?". hint: They were a cool (at the time) band with awesome (only at the time) hair. aaanywhooo....

These were the little guys I brought to Easter dinner. Each family could take one home if they wanted...and my mom got the rest. I think she was hoping for all of them, so shhh, but I'm making more of those that were taken to a new home.

These were great fun and a wonderful way to use some of my smaller scrap pieces. Thanks to Sew, Mama, Sew! and Badskirt for the awesome tutorial!They call them Chooks and you can Click here if you want to see this tutorial & make a few for yourself.
***apologies for the pics, it was too bright behind them & I had a limited time in which to take them.**

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Chickies

Ok, I didn't do any of those sketches for my next embroidery...but I do have the baby faerie in the flower all ready to go.

What I did do was a cute chickie couple wishing a Happy my mom :)

I found these cute guys over on Sew {Very} Creative's blog...lots of fun stuff over there, you should go check here out. Click here if you want to see the original pattern.

I really like how it turned out. The color of the fabric here is a little off, but close.

For the text I just printed up a Word Art text in Microsoft Word. I wasn't sure what stitch works best with text, but the way I did it seemed to do ok. Anyone know what stitch(es) are most recommended for text?

I think I am getting the hang of it...and I can see it quickly becoming addicting!
I have the baby faerie, a Get Crafty bunny from Urban Threads and a Serenity image all ready to go. Not quite sure what they will become once stitched. I am thinking a pillow for the bunny, maybe the faerie too and possibly a backpack for the Serenity. My son wants the Serenity to be a pillow because he liked my painted one so much...which we do not have because it was made for a swap. see below

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Embroidery Stash

Remember my last post? I said I started an embroidery thingy. Here it is:

Not quite sure what I am going to make it into. I was thinking a zip pouch of some sort. It's too big for an iPod type thing, but I could size it to hold CDs.

I am starting to feel a little bit better about my ability to embroider, even though I have a ways to go with some of it. The purple part of the bass up there was intentionally going in different directions...I thought it might give a cool look...didn't quite work out.

For anyone out there who knows what they are doing....what is the best way to fill in a large space? I know that if the threads are too long they are easily snagable.

I am going to make something Eastery for my mom - either for a small pillow, frame or napkin cover for buns. If it works out, I'll show you next week.

I went through my old sketchbook to find some images for more embroidery projects....pillow, framed, apron or towel and whatever else pops into my head. These are my first few choices:

...and then there's all the ones I have purchased from Urban Threads (that place totally rocks! if you embroider or like graphic, you must check that place out!) and Sublime Stitching ("this ain't your gramma's embroidery!).

And before I go...
I want to start doing some tutorials...but I am not sure where to start....zippers? simple lined totes? hidden zippered pockets? simple basic sewing?
Any ideas? requests? thoughts?

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, April 6, 2009

Craft Show Season is On!

Show #1: check! But since Mother Nature forgot it was Spring & sent us freezing cold didn't have such a hot turn out. And strangely enough, the majority of the patrons were male...not too many of them in the market for handbags :)

No matter...there will be more. If nothing else, it's a day away from home and therefore no cleaning or whiny...I mean beautiful loving...children to attend to nonstop...I mean with a full heart and love :) Actually...I miss them when I'm gone. Yes, I am one of those moms. But I do appreciate time off.

I also managed to get my feltie goth bear fixed. Started an embroidery project. Sketched out my next 5 feltie/stuffie/softies. And spent 7 straight hours with my oldest. I took him with me :)

I didn't take any pics of my table, but I do have some pics of some newer creations. The tote has an odd zipper. It can "stand up" or get "tucked in". Was this on purpose? Not exactly, but I do like the options it gives for a little extra room for storage. After all, how many times have you gone to put stuff in your tote & needed that extra inch to close it up? Or is it just me?

The backpack was fun. It started out as something entirely different...which didn't work. In truth, this one has a boo-boo too. The strap attachments at the bottom don't go in the same direction. One side goes into the back bottom crease while the other goes into the side bottom crease. Does it really change anything? No. There is a slight twist in the one strap from the side...more of a curve really, Makes no difference when it's worn.

Question is, do I take it apart to fix the one strap end? or sell as a "one off" at a lower price?

Do you think it makes a big difference?