Sunday, May 31, 2009

Woo Hoo!

I am so geeked right now. Possibly more than is warranted, but that's ok. I have always been a big Craftster fan. (If you haven't been there, you should go check it out). It has been a while since I have visited though...been so busy with blogs & listings & twitter & such, I let it fall to the side. So I made time this weekend. I poked around, commented on cool stuff - I always like to leave kudos for stuff I like...acknowledge the artisan & let them know their efforts are loved :) I also loaded some more recent projects into their photo hosting.

And then I posted my Grr Argh in the Needlework forum....and less than 24 hours later it had over 600 views, 3 pages with comments & was put on the Hot New Projects section of the home page. AAAHHH!!!! I even did a little dance when I saw it. If you are not someone who creates stuff, it may be hard to explain just how much it means to get such positive feedback from complete strangers. Heck - I think you need only be human to know how awesome it feels!

And so today, I decided to post my Serenity Coin embroidery. I did this at 6pm before we left for my sis-in-laws for dinner. When we got home at 9...over 300 views and it was on the Hot New Projects section...and the Grr Argh was still there.

I think I know where to go to find fellow Whedon fans :)

So a big huge ginormous thanks to all those who showed my guys some "This Rocks" lovin'!!!

note: I just peeked and as of the writing of this post - the Grr Argh had 992 views, Serenity had 347 :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vintage Sewing Goodies

I was organizing some of my sewing stuff the other & ran across some goodies left by my Grandma. There were snaps & hooks& needles...still in great condition. I don't want to use them, not sure exactly why. I guess they are just too neat just the way they are. If anyone out there collects this stuff - just give me a shout - I'd love to find them a home somewhere other than a box in my closet.

My mom also gave me a bunch of old patterns which I may or may not sell, not sure yet. I need to look into it some more because I am not sure what is considered a "good find". If you know anything about this stuff, let me know - thanks. I scanned a few into the computer...I am thinking of taking photos though because they do not look as good when scanned. Here are a few of the patterns:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

And We Shall Call it This Land...

Ok - for those of you who are not Firefly freaks like myself - this piece is from a quote in the pilot where the pilot (no pun intended) Wash is playing with his plastic dinosaurs on the ships console. This is the entire quote:

"Wash: (as Stegosaurus) Yes...yes. This is a fertile land, and we will thrive. We will rule over all this land, and we will call it...This Land.
Wash: (as Allosaur) I think we should call it...your grave!
Wash: (as Stegosaurus) Ah! Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
Wash: (as Allosaur) Ha ha ha! Mine is an evil laugh! Now DIE!
Wash: (as Stegosaurus) Oh no, God, oh dear God in heaven..."

This embroidery piece is my version of that quote. The dinos here are based on the dinos he was playing with. I got lucky and found a screenshot image from the show.

And then there is the big pile of fabric that is cut & needs to be fused to interfacing and sewn. Well, after I finish off these 2 Venus handbags from last week. And since these pics, I only have to sew the lining shut & put on the buttons.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To Do ...

Where to start? My to-do list is long, but only if I count each piece, so I'll group it.

This past weekend I cut out material for:
  • 4 messenger bags - embroidery completed
  • 5 Ribbon handbags
  • 4 Mollie clutches
  • 4 Venus handbags
  • 4 large pleated totes - handpainting & embroidery not done yet
  • 4 Taffy/Rachelle/Theresa purses (they are pretty much all the same except size...and those I cut are a whole new size - so I'll need a new name too) - embroidery not done
  • misc totes...I had linings already cut (some sewn) for simple totes so I cut main fabrics for them & use them for tutorials as they are made
I got the interfacing cut for everything except the totes...and one Ribbon handbag. I was almost laughing at it because I only needed about 3 more inches. So a trip to the fabric store is on the list too.

That'll be #1...fabric store. But since the car is in the shop, it will have to wait.
  1. Sew messenger bags. I'm doing these first since no interface hassle.
  2. Fuse all interfacing. This will take some time...unless I go out & buy a new iron. Mine doesn't seem to get the job done quick. I think this is the step I dread the most when it comes to making handbags. If I ever hit it big (or at least make a profit) I may invest in a home press. Then I'd fly through that fusing!
  3. This is like a 2b really...embroider between "sets" of fusing.
Wow - only 3 things for the week, but it will probably take that long. My youngest is done with school for the year & finding the time for my creating is not going to be easy. I have the nights after he goes to bed & when/if he naps...but I often need that time to rest up a bit myself.

Wish me luck! Or a babysitter :P

Friday, May 22, 2009

Grr Argh:: Check

One more down. And for those of you who guessed what the last WIP were right :) It's the "Grr Argh dude" from the Mutant Enemy logo thingy that plays at the end of the credits on shows by Joss Whedon...Buffy & Firefly for example. Interesting side note (well, I think so) - the pic is a sketch/doodle of his that he drew and it is his voice that says Grr Argh. Also, the vamps in season 7 Buffy are detailed versions of this guy. So - here he is, all done...

He will most likely be placed on a black messenger bag. My son thinks the "frame" around him should be kind of ragged to look old & worn like a vamp should. Any thoughts?

And this is next up...also from The Whedonverse. My fellow Big Damn Crafters will know what show it is from. And if they do not - I will have to break out Vera.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Remember that piece I had in the scroll frame? I finished it. I had some undoing to do in the text. I tried doing a highlight fill, but it did not look right. At least embroidery can be easier to take out than seams.

And the scroll frame? I liked it. It was nice because the bar could rest on my leg as I worked. It was pretty easy to turn too. My next project really needs the frame because the image goes to the edge...a circle hoop would be a pain in the tuckus. I have a pic of the next WIP below the Firefly pics. Anyone know what it is? Ruthie, I know you know :)

I'll be adding a "Grr Argh" text to the pic too.
Anyone know what it is? Ruthie, I know you know :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Buffy B

I have been working on embroidery pieces for my messenger bags. I have a ton traced out (click here if you want to see that post). I am almost done with the Firefly Coin I featured in my last post. And while I was waiting for a trip to the store for more orange floss, I made this Buffy B.

And for those of who who are not familiar with the reference...Buffy the Vampire Slayer - tv series by Joss Whedon. The "B" here is the font of the title. And the stick thingy...that is Mr. Pointy - her stake. I am really happy with the way it turned out. Now I just need to decide what color the bag should be. This piece will be a panel on the front flap like I did with my Serenity bag. Any thoughts?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trying a Scroll Frame

I have been working on some more embroidery for messenger bags - mostly geekery, mostly Whedonverse. I was getting frustrated with a hoop, so I decided I am going to give a frame a try. I looked at square hoops, but did not care for the price point. Plus, I am hoping for less "Hoop Dent" in the material.

Has anyone used these? I'll have more to say on it's effectiveness in a day or two after I've used it more. I do have some pics of the frame with the material, which is still a work in progress. Plus some more pics of "why it is hard to take pictures at my house". I think you'll know which those are :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bridal Party Clutches Complete

Another custom order complete! These are so fun!
I had another order for coordinating clutches for a bridal party. The choosing of the fabrics took a little while, but I love what she decided on - they look great live!
Here they are...each one has a great little touch - monograms! What a wonderful keepsake for the bridesmaids.

wanna see all of them? just click here

Monday, May 11, 2009

Time to Redo

Okay - time to redo the shop. to start? With a SALE! 'll let you know when it's all up & ready to shop :)

I will be putting all items that don't mesh with the new reorganization into 2 clearance sections - $10 and $20...I realize it may look odd to see a purse at the same price point as a zip pouch, but I only want to clear out specific "models". There are a few items which will be "on hold" until I have made more for their category. Actually, I am toying with keeping everything out except what is to go. I could you some opinions on this if you've got any :)

So - the "new look" ... I am whittling down what I offer style-wise...although it may not appear so to the casual observer. Ok - maybe just to me. I will still be playing around with new designs. I think it's an addiction & I just can't stop. But I won't be listing the newbies in my shops unless I plan to keep making lots of 'em. Keep a lookout though, because I may have them for sale on my sidebars.

Here's the breakdown:
Casual: large messenger bags with embroidered panels like my Serenity bag, large totes with contrast panels & embroidery/paint/buttons, medium hand painted duffles like my Tree and clutches, plus smaller wristlets/banglets.
"Dressed Up": large decorated flap purses, medium ribbon accented handbags like my Watercolor and handbags like my Venus, and small large handled handbags like my Anns.
*see below for examples
I will keep zip pouches and keychains too as accessories.

Right now I have a bunch of panels all traced out to embroider for the messenger bags. It will take a while to complete all of them since they are hand embroidered...but they will be fun :)

"Casual" line:

oops..forgot a pic of the totes:

"Dressed up" line:

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Craft Show Complete

Yesterday's craft show went pretty well. My Serenity bag was a huge hit and did not make it home with me... and I went home to design 13 more different embroidered messenger bag ideas :) The blue floral Bizarro clutch found a new home too. I think I need to post my new stuff here more regularly since 2 of the last 3 sold...and the one that did not wasn't even on display. And that's just one of the changes I decided to make.

I took my son with me again. He told me parents he was bored, yet while we were there he was talking about improvements for next time. But still, it couldn't have been too bad for him if he wants to go again. Some of his ideas were merely things for him to fill the time with, but he did help me towards some other changes I will be making.

I did leave the show with lots of new ideas though. And not just show improvements. I have decided that I will be changing my shop. I am not giving out all the details yet...especially since I am still banging some of them out. It will involve more clear cut "lines". Casual -v- "dressy"...which can be in the eye of the beholder, but it'll help me narrow down what I offer. Within each I'll have a small, medium and large bag...all different designs of course. I can't not have a variety of styles. But they should have a more cohesive flow. And it will involve lots more embroidery and buttons :)

I can say that it involves a HUGE sale.

I want to get all the items that won't mesh with the new flow, so later this week I will have a $10 and $20 clearance section in my shop. So if there's a bag of mine you've had your eye on but it was too pricey at the it won't be :)

One last goodbye...No pics of everything since some things that sold were not listed yet :)