Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yellow Diamond Trio Pillow

The lime green one turned out all right so I moved on to the yellow. In the correct size this time. I gave it a trio of diamonds this time around. The material is a Matelasse. This material is supposed to be good for throw pillows and it fells nice & comfy. I plan to make more argyle diamond pillows until I use up all the print fabric. I think pink will be next.

I kept the diamond with the snap on the backside also. But with the correct amount of overlap this time. I think the next pillow will get the stitched lines on the diamond too.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Lime Diamond Pillow

I am getting back into the swing of things...but still just for me. Although, this is something I plan to make more of for the shop. For now, it will be a much needed pillow to rest my arm on when I read on the couch. The colors are perfect for our new walls & couch.

The twin lines are supposed to be an abstract'ish argyle...kind of. I do like how it turned out. But I will fess up to a goof. I usually arrange my cut piles in order to be sewn. This pile apparently got knocked over at some point & not put back correctly. I had reverse appliqued AND sewn the argyle lines before I realized that they were put on what was supposed to be part of the back. Oops. I think I was just so excited to sew again that i forgot what size pillow it was supposed to be for. Easy fix though...I just made my own pillow form to fit.

The back side has a simple slit opening, but because of my goof the pieces were not quite wide as I like for the overlap. Solution: Use a snap on an extra diamond pieced onto the overlap.

I chalk this one up as a happy accident. I love the snappy piece on the back & plan to use this idea in the future...but on an opening with the correct overlap :P

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Drapery Two...Finally!

I finally got around to making the second drapery for the window at the sewing machine. It is turning out just right light-wise. The sheers are just that, sheer. Which brings in a great amount of light without the glare. I liked the look just fine with one, but two makes it easier to open.

And now I need to move on to the kitchen and/or front room. I think I may have ideas for both. The kitchen may be similar to those I just made, only not sheer and with two "loose" strips to use as tie backs. I even have a set of sheets that have a fun print in the right colors for the strips.

The front...still on the fence. I was thinking of bubbles. Appliqued pieces in various sizes running along the top 1/3 of the curtains. The material for the front room can't be too sheer by request of pretty much everyone in the house. We like to see out, but do not like feeling like we are in a fishbowl as people walk down the street. That is actually what made me think of bubbles in the first place :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Drapery One Done

I made the first drapery based on my mock up yesterday. And I think I like it :)
I do tend to prefer window covering that are not bulky, but I will probably still make another to add to this window. They are thin enough that it won't be bulky. And worst case, I move one to another location. But I do think the drippy strips will work well bunched more, almost waterfall'ish.

That was taken in the morning, so artificial light only. I plan to take another when the sun is out in the evening since the window faces west.

I also want to get a silver rod instead of the white. Hoping to find one today. And then to make matching pillows. See, there's that spinny brain again :P