Friday, March 18, 2011

Embroidery Wall

I have spent the past couple days painting embroidery hoops, making the cardstock backings and gluing the fabric around to the back side. And then putting them all up on my wall for display. You can peek on my Flickr to see the wall closer up.
The wall will eventually be used for listing photos. Yes, I have decided to start listing them. Still working out pricing, but hope to start dropping them off in the shop next week.

Now I just need to find a cute way to cover up the hooks I used. I used those inexpensive plastic hooks with the (supposedly) easy to remove adhesive tabs. I did not want to put a bunch of holes in my wall. Especially since once hoop leaves, the next one to go in may not be the same size & therefore need a new location for the hook.
For the cover up, I was thinking of labels. Kind of like the type you'd see in shops or something when artwork is displayed. And done cheaper...probably using cardstock and eyelets to put on the hooks. Still thinking.
Any ideas?


randomcreative said...

I don't have any ideas for covering up the hooks, but they are cute! Good luck with listing them. :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool. The wall color behind them looks so good- really makes the ivory ones pop. don't want the hook cover to distract from the embroidery, so maybe some type of hardware fitting, like kitchen knobs or something that could fit over it???

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

I like your embroideries!

Have you thought about that adhesive stuff that you can use multiple times? The kind I have is called HandiTAK and I got it at Hobby Lobby. You could put in on just the edge of the hoop, or it surely would be OK on your card stock.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

This looks really cool! I love all the different colors and sizes together :)
I think cardstock and eyelets would work great for labels.

storybeader said...

they're so cute, good luck with them. If you don't want the hooks the show, you could try a piece of velcro. Make your label, then velcro it onto the hook. You'd end up with the label a bit off the wall, but that would be ok. You could also remove the other hoops around the photo item, to have a clean wall w/o any distractions... guess you thought of that one before... {:-D