Monday, April 6, 2009

Craft Show Season is On!

Show #1: check! But since Mother Nature forgot it was Spring & sent us freezing cold didn't have such a hot turn out. And strangely enough, the majority of the patrons were male...not too many of them in the market for handbags :)

No matter...there will be more. If nothing else, it's a day away from home and therefore no cleaning or whiny...I mean beautiful loving...children to attend to nonstop...I mean with a full heart and love :) Actually...I miss them when I'm gone. Yes, I am one of those moms. But I do appreciate time off.

I also managed to get my feltie goth bear fixed. Started an embroidery project. Sketched out my next 5 feltie/stuffie/softies. And spent 7 straight hours with my oldest. I took him with me :)

I didn't take any pics of my table, but I do have some pics of some newer creations. The tote has an odd zipper. It can "stand up" or get "tucked in". Was this on purpose? Not exactly, but I do like the options it gives for a little extra room for storage. After all, how many times have you gone to put stuff in your tote & needed that extra inch to close it up? Or is it just me?

The backpack was fun. It started out as something entirely different...which didn't work. In truth, this one has a boo-boo too. The strap attachments at the bottom don't go in the same direction. One side goes into the back bottom crease while the other goes into the side bottom crease. Does it really change anything? No. There is a slight twist in the one strap from the side...more of a curve really, Makes no difference when it's worn.

Question is, do I take it apart to fix the one strap end? or sell as a "one off" at a lower price?

Do you think it makes a big difference?


Splendid Little Stars said...

I had a craft show like that in early December (which is more to be expected, I suppose). It was just starting to snow as I left my house, beginning to accumulate as I arrived at the show 20 minutes later. And then, it snowed, and snowed, and snowed. It was serious out there. So most people stayed home. But still.. I sold some things and met some lovely people. And I got hired to teach a class a couple months later.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I like the options with the zipper! Great idea!

I don't think anyone will even notice the curved looks great as is :)

uniquecommodities said...

Definitely like the zipper bag!

Becky said...

Very pretty, it looks great!
Is it really craft show season already, I didn't do any last year, and was planning on it this year, I'll have to start looking around for listings! All the best! :D

Rose Works Jewelry said...

No idea on the backpack - but congrats on your first show! I hope the next one goes better for you :)