Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quilts to Come

I think most crafters suffer from CADD (craft attention deficit disorder)..I know I do. All those WIPs I spoke of...and the things I want to make (not including the usual bags)...well, quilts have begun too. I sketched out 4 quilts. They will be the first I have done from scratch. I have spent so many hours...too many... browsing quilt patterns & finished quilts, just oohing and aahhing. I decided to just go for it & make my own.

It seems strange to call them "your own" since there are standard blocks/patterns used. But it is the way you put it together & the fabrics you use that make them yours. You could probably give 10 people the same pattern, and even the same fabrics, and the result will be 10 completely different quilts. I love that about handmade creations. They are always one-of-a-kind. Okay, so if you give the same person these supplies & have them make 10, they could come out similar, but never exactly the same. Heck, most crafters would change up the fabric patterns at least which makes for a whole new look.

Anyway, enough ramble. I will try to keep updates on the quilts as I go. This past Sunday I chose the fabrics for 2 quilts (one is the 2nd sketch below). Yesterday I cut & began to sew. And with quilts, the cutting is not yet done. My index cards I use to track time is practically just "cut - sew- iron - repeat over and over". Tomorrow I will have some pics of the fabrics being worked on.

Almost forgot, those other projects I want to get to...table runners, placemats, pillow, tree skirts, stocking, fabric baskets & fabric gift bags. Hmmm...this will take a while :P
I hope to take the fabric from the quilts & just keep cutting out these projects. This should "dwindle" my fabric stash which will let me buy fabrics with more of a "purpose" ...I tend to buy what looks fun & not necessarily have a project in mind...which I won't totally stop doing of course :) It should also keep me from getting in a rut by making the same things over & over & over & over. Reminds me...add winter coat to the list. I already have the fabric.


Miss Gina Designs said...

OMG! You sound alot like me! CADD...I have it!

storybeader said...

it'll be real interesting to see how they progress! Good way to use up fabric!