Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trying a Scroll Frame

I have been working on some more embroidery for messenger bags - mostly geekery, mostly Whedonverse. I was getting frustrated with a hoop, so I decided I am going to give a frame a try. I looked at square hoops, but did not care for the price point. Plus, I am hoping for less "Hoop Dent" in the material.

Has anyone used these? I'll have more to say on it's effectiveness in a day or two after I've used it more. I do have some pics of the frame with the material, which is still a work in progress. Plus some more pics of "why it is hard to take pictures at my house". I think you'll know which those are :)


Splendid Little Stars said...


storybeader said...

don't know a thing about it, but am interested to see where it leads you. Great photos!

Anonymous said...

I too look forward to seeing the outcome. Never saw one of those type of embroidery frames before.

Love the last photo!

MagdaleneJewels said...

I have seen square embroidery frames but they are usually mounted on a stand. I found them more cumbersome than using the round frame - did you try a large round frame - you may get a better outcome with that - the square vs the round is that with the round you can turn the frame as you work your stitches, which makes embroidering more accessible.
Let us know how the square works out.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Looking great so far!
Looks like you have lots of "help" with your photography :)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Hope the frame works for you! Your son is sooo cute :P