Monday, May 11, 2009

Time to Redo

Okay - time to redo the shop. to start? With a SALE! 'll let you know when it's all up & ready to shop :)

I will be putting all items that don't mesh with the new reorganization into 2 clearance sections - $10 and $20...I realize it may look odd to see a purse at the same price point as a zip pouch, but I only want to clear out specific "models". There are a few items which will be "on hold" until I have made more for their category. Actually, I am toying with keeping everything out except what is to go. I could you some opinions on this if you've got any :)

So - the "new look" ... I am whittling down what I offer style-wise...although it may not appear so to the casual observer. Ok - maybe just to me. I will still be playing around with new designs. I think it's an addiction & I just can't stop. But I won't be listing the newbies in my shops unless I plan to keep making lots of 'em. Keep a lookout though, because I may have them for sale on my sidebars.

Here's the breakdown:
Casual: large messenger bags with embroidered panels like my Serenity bag, large totes with contrast panels & embroidery/paint/buttons, medium hand painted duffles like my Tree and clutches, plus smaller wristlets/banglets.
"Dressed Up": large decorated flap purses, medium ribbon accented handbags like my Watercolor and handbags like my Venus, and small large handled handbags like my Anns.
*see below for examples
I will keep zip pouches and keychains too as accessories.

Right now I have a bunch of panels all traced out to embroider for the messenger bags. It will take a while to complete all of them since they are hand embroidered...but they will be fun :)

"Casual" line:

oops..forgot a pic of the totes:

"Dressed up" line:


storybeader said...

I like the two groups idea, because that is what we usually are thinking: "work or dress up" and "knock around." At least for me -

I'm not a big bag user, but I do get tired of carrying a backpack everywhere.... Love your casual line!

BeadedTail said...

I'm liking what I see so far of your two groups! Great ideas and wonderful bags!

uniquecommodities said...

You go girl! I hope you get lots of sales with your new look!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

The new shop's gonna be great! I love all the hand-embroidering you've been doing :)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I really love what your doing with your shop! And was that a Wash quote I saw in one of the pics?

Anonymous said...

Wow...looks like you've got your work cut out for you! Great ideas to improve your line...didn't you get them from your responses in a craft fair? I bet it's nice to feel like your work is evolving and progressing into great places:)