Thursday, May 21, 2009


Remember that piece I had in the scroll frame? I finished it. I had some undoing to do in the text. I tried doing a highlight fill, but it did not look right. At least embroidery can be easier to take out than seams.

And the scroll frame? I liked it. It was nice because the bar could rest on my leg as I worked. It was pretty easy to turn too. My next project really needs the frame because the image goes to the edge...a circle hoop would be a pain in the tuckus. I have a pic of the next WIP below the Firefly pics. Anyone know what it is? Ruthie, I know you know :)

I'll be adding a "Grr Argh" text to the pic too.
Anyone know what it is? Ruthie, I know you know :)


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Oh yes I do know! I'll let everyone else guess though :P Love all of your stuff!

Kate said...

Yanno, I was going to identify him with a simple 'Grr Argh' but you already said that part! Hee!

Suzanne said...

Is this the Firefly with Nathan Fillion? I never watched Firefly, but am a huge Fillion fan! I get the GRR ARGH and I love it! I was more of a Buffy gal. Joss Wheedon where you at? Hopefully my suspicions are correct. Please let me know if I'm even close.