Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To Do ...

Where to start? My to-do list is long, but only if I count each piece, so I'll group it.

This past weekend I cut out material for:
  • 4 messenger bags - embroidery completed
  • 5 Ribbon handbags
  • 4 Mollie clutches
  • 4 Venus handbags
  • 4 large pleated totes - handpainting & embroidery not done yet
  • 4 Taffy/Rachelle/Theresa purses (they are pretty much all the same except size...and those I cut are a whole new size - so I'll need a new name too) - embroidery not done
  • misc totes...I had linings already cut (some sewn) for simple totes so I cut main fabrics for them & use them for tutorials as they are made
I got the interfacing cut for everything except the totes...and one Ribbon handbag. I was almost laughing at it because I only needed about 3 more inches. So a trip to the fabric store is on the list too.

That'll be #1...fabric store. But since the car is in the shop, it will have to wait.
  1. Sew messenger bags. I'm doing these first since no interface hassle.
  2. Fuse all interfacing. This will take some time...unless I go out & buy a new iron. Mine doesn't seem to get the job done quick. I think this is the step I dread the most when it comes to making handbags. If I ever hit it big (or at least make a profit) I may invest in a home press. Then I'd fly through that fusing!
  3. This is like a 2b really...embroider between "sets" of fusing.
Wow - only 3 things for the week, but it will probably take that long. My youngest is done with school for the year & finding the time for my creating is not going to be easy. I have the nights after he goes to bed & when/if he naps...but I often need that time to rest up a bit myself.

Wish me luck! Or a babysitter :P


BeadedTail said...

Phew! I need a nap after reading everything on your to do list! Hope you make progress!

Splendid Little Stars said...

I vote for "ride bike!"

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Sending my wishes for you to get it all done :)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Good luck!