Friday, May 22, 2009

Grr Argh:: Check

One more down. And for those of you who guessed what the last WIP were right :) It's the "Grr Argh dude" from the Mutant Enemy logo thingy that plays at the end of the credits on shows by Joss Whedon...Buffy & Firefly for example. Interesting side note (well, I think so) - the pic is a sketch/doodle of his that he drew and it is his voice that says Grr Argh. Also, the vamps in season 7 Buffy are detailed versions of this guy. So - here he is, all done...

He will most likely be placed on a black messenger bag. My son thinks the "frame" around him should be kind of ragged to look old & worn like a vamp should. Any thoughts?

And this is next up...also from The Whedonverse. My fellow Big Damn Crafters will know what show it is from. And if they do not - I will have to break out Vera.

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memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

hehe...these are fun pieces :)