Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pink Hair Pieces

I did not get much sewing done this past week. Most of my time was spent reworking listing wordage and taking some more pics of home items. I did manage to finish off a couple hair pieces from some pillow leftovers though.

This first one is a headband attachment. I just wanted something simple and not too large.

The underside has a piece of velvet ribbon that the band can slide through. This way you can position the decoration anywhere you want. Plus, the velvet ribbon helps hold it in place.

This barrette is just about done. I was not sure if I wanted to add something more, but I think I will stick with the simpler is better theme. Since I still have to sew the front and back together, I do have time to change my mind. One thing I will most likely do is stuff it a bit to make it puffy.

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