Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blue Pillows

I finished the blue pillows. I am still on the fence about this first pair. I love the Federal blue color and the Brandon Mably's fish lips print underneath. So I am not sure just what it is that makes me go "eh". Maybe it's the cut outs. Or maybe just because I had so much trouble with them. The sizing was not quite right. The 16 inch pillow I had was too fluffy. I think all I need is a more solid pillow with less puff.

This second set of Federal blue pillows was fun to make. Making the overlapping kaleidoscope circles to match the kaleidoscope print underneath took quite some time, but so worth it.

The backside still needs the piece with the snap for closure. Or maybe it doesn't? I do like the clean lines. Hmmm....what do you think?

Now I just need to decide whether or not I am taking the pillow covers to the Riverside's December Holiday Art and Crafts Sale. I do not have enough inserts for all of them. Between allergies and personal preference for pillow fillers, I figure less than half of the people would need one. But still, very bulky to have sitting out. Maybe I just keep them home & put them in my shops online. Which means photo shoots. Hmmm....


storybeader said...

I guess pillows are bulky... you could always bring the covers and just a few inserts. Circles are always friendly {:-D

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think there is something off about the spacing/ sizing of the cut outs on the first pillow. The design is nice, just needs a bit of reworking, which happens to the best of us!

Love that second pillow. So creative! Love it when a fabric/ material speaks to you and guides you in a cool direction like that.

Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my give away! Good luck!