Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pretty in Pink

I got started on that batch of pillows slated for circular cut outs. This first one is a single. The material is a bit stretchier than the rest I have made and therefore came with a few choice words that make it even more original :P

I only had enough fabric for one pillow, but I loved the combo with this print too much to pass it by. It is also a biggie...made for an 18 inch pillow insert.

The color was difficult to capture well, but this shot shows the stitched matching bead pattern well enough. Some circles have a single stitch line around it and others are doubled. No reason, I just liked the look.

Remember I said I only had enough fabric for one pillow? Well, that was pushing it. I added a strip of the print on the backside...and loved the result. I liked it enough to make 2 strips. Which also gives me the bonus of more fabric for some hair pieces to match.

This pillow is a bit larger than the last batch of 14 inchers, but I think the snap closure piece still works well. If I were to make a super large one, I'd have to forgo the snap & go with a zipper.

Next up...more pink. Read: easier to keep going with the same thread :P

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Khaye said...

You are a fantastic designer! I wish I could be so creative as you!