Sunday, May 2, 2010

Grr Argh Again

Yes, another Mutant Enemy has made it's way to a messenger bag. This one is hand embroidered brown on tan twill to top off the olive canvas bag. The bag itself is a bit more tweaked than normal. Under the front flap is an open pocket with a flap. On that pocket is a small zip pocket for, well, whatever is tiny & tends to get lost. Hubby has one on his Watchmen bag & it holds my biz cards...isn't he sweet? It could hold keys to a bike lock, or small set of house keys. Moving on....inside. There is a dividing wall at the front of the bag. And the back wall has a large zippered pocket. There is also a clip on a tether on the side wall. Another good spot for keys...or the little zip pouch I made for it :)

I hope my customer enjoys it...I know I had fun making it!


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

One could stay really organized with a great bag like this!!!

storybeader said...

I'm sure your buyer will love it!