Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting ready for visits from the Tooth Fairy

Well, we still have a couple years to go here. But the little guy's soccer mates and cousin have started losing some teeth. I had a few sketches worked up. Some were in the shape of a tooth. Others had ribbon to hang the pillow from a doorknob. I settled on a tooth fairy applique with varying themes. I like this best because of the vast number of options. I already have a list at least 20 long of themes. The 3 I have made so far are sans ribbon. I may design them for a hanger to be optional. Still thinking this one over.
The very first pillow was hijacked by my youngest. I had a feeling. That is why I started with the tooth driving a car...he just loves toy cars.

The back of the pillow has a "tooth face" pocket for the tooth/money and a stop sign. Get it? For the tooth fairy to stop. I think I will stick to a small pocket that follows the theme on the front of each pillow for now on.

These two are almost done. They just need the pocket on the back & the front sewn to the back. And to be stuffed of course :) Oh...and ironed.

This is the pink tooth fairy, um, well, fairy. Her magic wand looks more like a tail...I think I need to give her arms. I love the tulle tutu and wings though. The pocket will most likely be a sparkle or a butterfly.

This space tooth is my fave of the 3. I couldn't resist adding the "42". Most people won't get it, but I couldn't do without :) The pocket on the back will be either a satellite, moon or another planet. Still deciding.

Oh...and they do have faces. They were not on at the time of the pics. I stuck with buttons for eyes and hand embroidered mouths. I may applique &/or embroider all of it in the future. Although, if a child is old enough to lose a tooth, they are most likely old enough to not go eating buttons off of pillows. But you never know.


Ruthie said...

I love them! 42!!!

storybeader said...

I really like the spaceship too! and the car is cute too. No wonder your son likes it! So personal for both parents and child!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

So cute! I love how they each have a theme! The rocket is so cool! And the fairy's tulle is cute :)