Monday, September 21, 2009

Who Watches the Watchmen? September Challenge Day 20...and 21

Day 20 was a biggie and it bled into day 21. I would like to say it was all because of needles breaking, thread popping, sizing being off & needing to be altered as I sewed (which is all true) but the real reason...I was just to darn tired at the end of the night to sew the lining into the main piece & attach the strap. Oh yes, and we were at my in-laws for a family get together in the afternoon. So all in all, I think I did okay with it only bleeding into 1 day and not 2.

This bag is for my hubby when he goes downtown to the coffee shop to read & write...and people watch...and chat with the regulars. It was in my head to make a couple months back, but one thing after another kept pushing it further on down the list. Thank goodness September's Craft a Day came along (thank you Peacocks & Dragonflies!). I took quite a few pics to share, so let's get started...

This next pic is under the flap. I need to ask hubby what kind of closure, if any, he wants on the pocket flap. I sewed a slot for his pen and there is a separate zip pocket on the front of the front pocket - follow that? - just the right size for ID & money...right now it is full of my biz cards :)

I put another, larger, zip pocket inside the bag made the same way as the small one in the front.

The top seemed too floppy, so I stitched some of the nylon webbing used for the strap along the top where the flap folds over.

And the strap kind of continues down along the gusset to cradle the bag. I do this with most of my messenger bags. I think it gives more support than just a tab at the top of the sides. I think of it like holding a baby...always better to put your arm under their bum that just around their waist.

Plus, I did do more crafting on Day 21 than just finish the bag...but no pics. I sew for the colorguard (those are the girls, mostly, that do all the fancy dancing & flag waving with the marching band) and we got together tonight to get going on the second flag. We finished the 1st one - which was 9 feet long...yes, you read that right - before their 1st competition. Now we are onto the second smaller flag - about 4 feet or so and 6 pieces. There are 4 of us sewing and 27 girls...luckily, it is fun & a bit of a chatfest :) I will snap some pics next Monday of both flags for you.


Suzanne said...

That bag is awesome! I've not seen the movie or read the graphic novel, but know the image. I actually made a scrabble tile ring of that image that never sold in my Etsy shop. It's sitting in the land of misfit jewelry . . .

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Is your hubby a writer?

He needs to keep some of your business cards on hand at all times!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I bet he loves his bag :) Now I wanna know if he's gonna wear the cute hoodie with it...LMAO!!!