Monday, February 2, 2009

TiLT Too!

Well, I finally did it...well, I started it. My second etsy shop. I have the banner up, sections made, and policies set up. Now I just need to start listing! I am not 100% done with cropping my photos, but I think I have more than enough to get started.

I am still iffy about the banner. I had made 3 different ones and I still can't decide. Opinions anyone? I know I'll be changing it from time to time. I was even thinking of making one more with fabric since it will be filled with destash for now.

This background is the DIVA box I made for my niece. I had to lighten it to make the words show...but it may still be too tough to read.

This background is my fused glass pendant. It is the clearest, and will most likely be the one I use when I start listing more art type items.

This background is a crop of a painting of mine that I have always liked.

The shop is here...but if you are reading this the same day as the post, it is still empty.


Soyun Park said...

Oh, I love all your banners.
They look awesome and unique. I feel like renewing mine too.
See you around~

storybeader said...

I think the pendant banner is cool! And if you are having destash in this shop, it makes sense. The visitor will always look twice: to see the design, then to look at the pendant!