Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Son and a Goomba

I had just finished up my Whedonverse Craftster swap last week with my 13 year old son constantly asking "can you make me one of those?". I told him he'd have to wait and gave him a couple books to look through in the meantime, Plush You! and Softies.

These books had him laughing at all the goodies. He asked me if I could make him some of these too...the Dollop, of course - he is a 13 year old boy after all. I said NO, make it yourself. That's me - DIYODS!

So he did. But he started with his own creation based on a Goomba and Bullet Bill. I think they turned out great. He is now working on a skull.

...note: my felt goodies from the swap will be posted once my partner receives them :)


MagdaleneJewels said...

looks like you now have created a competition for yourself. You son may well be opening his own shop soon!

uniquecommodities said...

aw how cute! Love it!