Saturday, January 31, 2009

My First Custom Order

I have only done one custom order online before the bridal party from my last post.

The bag for that one turned out beautiful, but there are some things I would do differently. I now know to ask more questions and send out pictures as I go through the process. There was one thing she wanted that was miscommunicated. I made the inset she wanted and sent it out to her as quick as I could. I wanted to make sure she was totally happy with everything, and I believe she was. This is the bag and insert I made for her. She will be using the bag as both a purse and diaper bag, so the insert is for the diapers and wipes. Originally she was thinking of a zippered pocket attached inside to act as a divider. But in the end, a removeable pouch seemed the way to go.

The smaller zip pouch in the picture was made for my etsy shop -
I just put it in the picture with the larger bag
and keyring to maybe use for marketing.

I think I will make this extra large zip pouch more often. I tried one out for me and loved it. It was large enough to hold my travel art or embroidery stuff inside my large tote. Made for a quick and easy find when I was waiting in the doctor's office - no riffling through the tote needed. I am about to make one with a thin strap or loop for my son's Legos - with a felt applique of a Lego creation on the outside. That should be fun.


Silkfair said...

What great work! Adorable, yet practical, a purse with multiple personalities. Bravo on your first custom job, you did a fine job. Make sure to get a customer testimonial!

nichole said...

Love that extra large zip pouch! Before I moved, I really wish I had ordered a few larger bags like that to pack everything in.

I won't make the same mistake twice!