Sunday, January 25, 2009

How Should I Fix This?

I really like this bag - it is just so fun with the sparkly pink kitties. The only problem is how badly I flubbed the handle area. I tried a pink felt did not work! So I experimented with more stitching. I figured why not, I was gong to cut it out anyway.
So my question is this: Do I try to salvage the design and recut the handle or take hours to remove the felt & resew another overlay or just chop off the top portion along the bottom curve of the handle and put on straps?
Any other ideas are greatly appreciated.

Addition: After reading some comments that were asking what was wrong because they didn't see the problem...I decided to add these last two pics. And yes, I know I can be a tad picky...aren't we all about our own work? But it's just uneven & kinda shoddy. I have been thinking that I may try to cover it once more with a solid piece & think of the felt as padding or interface :) Worst case - I am back to where I started. And I like the PIF idea if I can't get it the way I like.

This was the first handle of this sort I have tried and the many instructions I have read for this type were all confusing and contradictory. If anyone has seen a clear tutorial please let me know.

Thanks again to all those who responded.


Mommy Bee said...

Um, from the photos i'm not seeing anything really wrong with it...if you feel that it's an inferior product, have you considered selling it at a discount, or maybe posting it as pif?
I recently finished something that was sortof a draft version of a new pattern I'm working on. It's functional, but not as pretty as I wanted it to be, so I'm posting it as a PIF...

the laughing mouse said...

what exactly do you not like about the handle ? I can't really tell anythings wrong with it by the photo.

It is a pretty fabric !

alamodestuff said...

I've been experimenting with the same type handle and shape. It's a tough one to master, I think. So, I've put it down and hope to go back to it to try again later. Sometimes, that is all it takes!


I would find some pretty trim and attach it with "liquid stitch". It is very strong and no one will be the wiser.

Jennifer Ladd said...

I think we tend to be a bit harsher on ourselves than others are (I know I am!!). I actually really like the look of the bag! I like that it looks a bit "handmade" - I think with the style of the bag you, it just makes it look trendy. You would pay top-dollar for that in a hip boutique!!

If you really aren't happy with it, I agree that you should just try sewing another layer on top of it. The first layer would end up just adding some stiffness - that's actually a good thing!

(a CAP teammate!)

Indigo Blue said...

I would be inclined to unpick and re-do. When stitching felt I prefer straight stitch because it really does not show up as much. I would also consider cutting the felt out with pinking shears which will detract from the edge if it is not perfect oval. I would also cut two large rectangles and put them either side of the bag. Get a paper template, use this as a gauge to stitch round THEN cut the handle opening. This is what I did on a similar bag a couple of years ago for a bag swap.

Kathy said...

probably too late for this, but...maybe if you cut out the handle border on the bias, it would conform to the oval opening better and use and even feed or walking foot on your machine.