Friday, January 30, 2009

Custom Bride

I am so excited. I get to make clutches for a bridal party! The bride is a total NON-bridezilla - so very fun. The color theme is primarily chocolate brown, the girl's dresses are hot pink and there are apple green accents. We spent some time looking through fabric. She had some ideas initially that she sent me, more to give me a feel of what she was thinking than the exact fabric. I went out and bought some that I thought fit the idea. I figured it did not matter if she did not choose them because I loved them anyway and would use them later.

These are mock ups of the bags. I simply took a picture of each fabric with the frame holding the fabric. Each girl gets a different fabric. The bride wanted them each to have one that fit their style so it could be used after the wedding too. The wedding itself sounds fun - nice and relaxed...the way a wedding should be.


storybeader said...

wow - what a great bride, to do all that. Looks like you'll have fun too!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I love doing custom gives you a chance to interact with your buyer! How fun :)

I love that fabric in the pic second from bottom! I have such a hard time staying away from the fabric section at HL...I love using them on my scrapbook pages :)

Congrats on the custom sale :)