Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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Phew! Finally got through all my fabric. I have quite a bit that are not right for bags or only as decoration on bags. I decided that I will put them up for sale on my 2nd Etsy shop Tilt Too (which I have not yet opened, so don't try looking yet). I hope to list them this weekend.

Those are the various boxes they were in...there are smaller boxes inside the larger ones. There was even a silver garbage can that held fabric too - unused for anything but fabric of course. I used it as a side table by putting a round lid on top. It made for nice & easy access.

Seeing the fabric laid out on the table made me wonder why I needed so many boxes. Now I just need to put them away in their new home.... after I take pictures of each and catalog what I have & how much each costs. It may sound a tad anal, but it will help in the long run. Now when I make a new bag, all I have to do is go to the computer to find the more flipping through various notebooks! Plus, the picture of the fabric will already be stored in case I forget before I start cutting.

Once that is all done, maybe I can get back to creating without all the frustration of finding what I need. On the down side - I can't use it as an excuse for procrastinating.

I even went through all my patterns, many to go to destash as well, and all the other odds 'n ends in the drawers by my table. Yeah me! :) *pats self on back & smiles until realizes must now start getting back to work*