Friday, February 18, 2011

Teal and Tan Burlapy Hobo

Actually, I decided on a name, so it it now a teal and tan Dee bag. Since I usually go with the person's name whom the first bag went to but don't know the name of the buyer (it was at a weeks long show/shop), I decided to go with the name of the woman who ran the show. It was actually hubby's idea. Go hubby!

It has taken so long to get going on these bags because of a certain little cutie who was home all week with a nasty cold. If he were older, he would have been in school...but Kindergarteners get an easier pass with the ookies. At least I had the evenings for embroidery.

Now for the bag....The fabric has a strong texture to it, almost like burlap but with a tighter more stable weave.

The inside is huge. I put a smallish curved pocket on both the front and back insides. Cell phones and other electronic devices would fit well. Even old fashioned memo know, that stuff with paper that you write on :)

It looks kind of neat when the snap is closed too. I debated about a zipper, but it is almost too big for that. Besides, with the curve of the top, the placement would be awkward.

Then there are the straps. I was not happy with the first cut - it was a bit short. So I decided to have some fun and flip flop the fabrics at the top center. I like it!

Next week should be the week I finish the rest. Little guy is feeling better and will be back in school Tuesday...Monday is still break time. Three more days with them both least the weather is improving so we can go for a walk.


Anonymous said...

I really love it. That fabric is gorgeous!!! I'm sure the stiffness of it's texture helps with the durability of the bag.

Thanks for commenting on my new blog look! I'm still tweaking it, but it'll come together soon.

roseworksjewelry said...

Love the bag - and I hope your little cutie is feeling better!