Friday, February 25, 2011

Ivy's Backside

Um, no, not that backside! Although, it is quite prominent in the piece :P
I am talking about the actual backside of the piece. I have been trying to keep things nice & tidy back there.

Some of it, like the hair, looks pretty cool. I might try to make it the front side on a piece sometime.

Finishing off the piece has been making me a little crazy. I browsed many shops on Etsy to see other people's backsides (okay, that sounds wrong). I was hoping to find some I like to try myself. But so few shops had pics of the back. So I turned to tutorials online. I found a few ways that I want to try. This is the first trial. It is simply some card stock cut and lightly glued to the inner hoop to sit between the fabric & hoop.

No matter which way I end up using for the long term, I plan to use this signing method. The awesome Handmade stamp was one I found at a great Etsy shop, Wine Makers Sister. You should check this shop out - very fun!


storybeader said...

WOW - you're neat!! I'm so messy, when it came to my backside! lol

Like the card stock. That's nice and simple, and doesn't take away from the piece. Good idea about the stamp. No "Made in China" here - meaning sweatshops! {:-D

RosieGeissler said...

I realllllllllly like this