Friday, June 25, 2010

I Hate Sewing Silky

Okay, I started my clothes sewing with the material I dislike the most. Why? I don't really remember anymore. Maybe to get the ickiest out of the way first.

I have the gather gathered & many of the hems hemmed. But poorly, It is just so slippy. And ironing the hems just does not do much. Anyone work with this stuff that may have a pointer or two?

This is what it looks like currently....before I set it aside for some tooth fairy pillows.

Still looks like it did when I first cut out the pieces. Unless you look close, then you can see the poor excuse for hems.

I won't let it discourage me from continuing with the clothes. I hope to get rolling a bit more on them next week. Unless I wind up prepping for paint. At least for the kitchen since the countertops will be ready soon. I find out later today when the floors can get started on. I hope. *crosses fingers*


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I hope you get some that fabric!

Can't wait to see the countertops either!

storybeader said...

good luck with your projects.