Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Yummies!

I like to make something to bring my mom on Easter...besides the usual desserts. Last year it was a flock of chicks and an embroidery piece. This year, well, I have the how-to sitting on my sewing table. And all the bits 'n pieces. Just no actually bunnies were made.
So I went for the next best thing...chocolate! Dark chocolate! Yum!

And could you read that bit in the lower corner? I enlarged it for is quite important when dealing with chocolate....


Ruthie said...

Wow - I remember your Easter stuff from last year! Is that sad? Or cool? I can't decide... I like the bunny and the little quote in the corner!

Vinyl Rocks My World said...

Haha - Cute! Love that picture.. and everyone knows that anything you eat on holidays contains no calories! ;)