Sunday, March 1, 2009

Six by Six Tag

I was tagged by Victoria Ann, aka Mad Boo, with the 6x6 photo meme. This is a fun one. You pick the 6th file in the 6th folder of your picture file and post it. Since my other blog was just tagged - I will choose a different folder to start with so I don't end up with the same pic. It's a good thing that half of this computer is a picture folder :) Seems that way anyhow.

I love the memories found in this game. This pic was me and my oldest nearly 6 years ago. And no, that is not my real hair color. And no, I have no idea what it really was back then. It has been steadily darkening (and greying) so back then it was probably ash blonde under that bright blonde.

I also can't let a chance to plug another artisan pass me by - so I want to show you one of my faves from Mad Boo's Etsy shop:

So I am tagging the following because I know they must have some great pics:

Beaded Tail


Leaky Mouth



RachelMcKay from Confessions of a Crafter


Victoria Ann said...

Argh! Thankyou so much for showing one of my paintings- think I might shed a tear, cause you are the first!

Love your photo for the tag, especially as it is a sideways pic like mine:)

Anyhow going to have a celebratory-(spelling ?) cup of tear. Thanks again.

Mad boo x

Victoria Ann said...

? cup of tea!

BeadedTail said...

What a great photo and I'm sure there are wonderful memories with it! Thank you for tagging me too!

Rockerchic said...

Love the photo! I'll get mine up soon today!

I just switched computers... and all my pics are on discs... I may have to get creative with this one! lol!

storybeader said...

OK, I finally looked to see what my 6x6 was. It's me and Emma girl, which I'll put up sometime this week.