Tuesday, April 19, 2011


WIPadeeaaa...my oh my what a very full day...s
Okay, I was close. But dayS it is, plural. I got myself a big 'ol batch of embroidery hooplas ready to stitch up & go.

I should finish this one off tonight. It's another fab piece from Urban Threads. I tried to make the chain links just wonky enough to look banged up. I also plan to print up a list of the top 100 banned books to go with it :) Hubby & I decided to get a copy of them for a shelf here...although we may already have quite a few :P

And this is what's to come. I know you can't exactly see just what it is that will be stitched...except for that front piece. I took the image from a statue. I of course now want the statue, but after I saw some of Harley & Ivy...well, I only have so much space for such things. I may just draw or stitch them for my own walls someday. Much more room on the walls than horizontal surfaces :P
Anyway... I think you can get an idea of the volume. There are some smaller hoops hiding in there as well.

Wish me luck :) I hope to complete one every other day. It may be a bit too ambitious with the new job and all. What? New job you say? Why yes, new job :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, good luck for sure! What a busy lady you are:) And congrats on the new job!

Flufferwuffer said...

I love the "I Read Banned Books" embroidery. Looks awesome! Can't wait to see the Batgirl one and what's hiding beneath it!

Cheap Geeks Anonymous