Saturday, April 23, 2011

Schedule Update Needed

Okay - I have nothing to show you. I need to make some adjustments to my schedule now that I am working. It may not seem like much, but the 24 hours spent working takes up lots of time that I used to create. I just hope these adjustments still allow for all the blow off, um, I mean important networking time online :P
But seriously, I do think a little tweaking will allow for even more creative time. I do know that some of my computer time will have to shrink. And it should not be too hard to figure out where to shrink.
But for now, I'll see if this works:

Oh wait - I left 3-6pm blank!!! Well, I suppose that makes sense. Little guy is now home & what I do all depends on him. We may play together or he may want to play alone. If so, I can do some cleaning or more sewing or even online stuff.

So yeah, I left out "clean house" time...hmmm...oh well :P Between the quick cleans that inevitable happen as I am walking around & pass a mess (can't pass it without picking it up somewhat) and the weekend & the older one's'll be fine. Livable anyway. So no different than now :P
I am raising children, not a home for photo shoots. As long as we don't stick to the floors & fuzzy stuff isn't growing everywhere - it's good.

Okay - so lost what I was going to say. Definitely need to keep blog time when kiddo is not babbling constantly & asking me stuff.

But, um, you do know I was exaggerating about the clean, right? Right?!? It's not that scary here, really. So you can visit safely...just no white glove testing please.


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I like your idea of a "clean" house :) I'm right there with you!!! I don't schedule cleaning just happens when it has to...LOL :) We have way better things to do, right :)

Athena said...

Hee! Yes, not sticking to the floors is a good thing.

I am waiting to hear back (today, actually) if I get a job. If I do, I'll be doing a lot of rearranging and finagling of time, especially since I agreed to do a show in three weeks (eek!). I'll wish us both luck. :)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this works out for you! I'm a notorious list maker/ time fragmented too! And I also noticed you don't shower until mid day if you don't have to go somewhere- totally my style! I hit the ground running in the ams and don't have time to be bothered with showering until later:) Hehe.