Thursday, September 2, 2010

Drapery One Done

I made the first drapery based on my mock up yesterday. And I think I like it :)
I do tend to prefer window covering that are not bulky, but I will probably still make another to add to this window. They are thin enough that it won't be bulky. And worst case, I move one to another location. But I do think the drippy strips will work well bunched more, almost waterfall'ish.

That was taken in the morning, so artificial light only. I plan to take another when the sun is out in the evening since the window faces west.

I also want to get a silver rod instead of the white. Hoping to find one today. And then to make matching pillows. See, there's that spinny brain again :P


Anonymous said...

Very cute! I think it will come together well.

Nancy said...

I like it -- very nice!

storybeader said...

very pretty! Yes, I think a colorful rod will really make it stand out! Give us another pic later, and show us how it turns out! {:-D

Rose Works Jewelry said...

That looks cute :)

Anonymous said...

I knew it will be pretty!! and it is!! So cool design!!