Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Monsters Invade

I have scanned all the monster sketches to prep for pattern drafting...I think there are about 12. But I couldn't resist playing more until then. So I made 2 more keychain guys based on the sketches. The proportions aren't quite right since I was just eyeballing it, but they're cute anyway...right? My youngest thinks they're fun - it's ok to base stuff on a 4 year old's opinion - right?

This next guy may look familiar to some of you. He is my 3rd flying piggie. I worked out some of the assembly kinks and used a darker pink so it's less see through. Plus, I skipped the white fur trim & used felt instead - much easier on the fingers...and my shirt.

I have 4 more cut and ready to go. The yellow & maroon ones are based on some I saw while browsing Etsy - I couldn't tell you who because it was just an image that stuck. Those guys will be staying home with us or head off to my niece & nephew.

I have finished this maroon one since these were taken, but have not taken a pic yet...which is okay, he didn't turn out so great. The circles & the body colors didn't look right once put together. But again, my 4 year old loves him :)

You can't tell from this pic, but this one is rather large. The head is almost as big as my arms when circled together. I hope I have enough fluff to fill him :P

This last one started as a bear. Yup, a bear. The head of this guy was a belly. I had it laid out on the table with some other color strips to use for eyes & stuff, but when I looked down at it, I saw this octopus type guy. My oldest dubbed him Troctopus (tri-octopus)...since only 3 legs/arms/appendages. I have already got him going. I hope to show him early next week.

Where are my bags you ask? They are there. And I need to get going on them. But sometimes, changing up what you create can help get the inspiration & motivation back for what you do regularly. A recent custom order for lots of fun matchy things helps too . I love it when the customer helps "design" the bags :)


Splendid Little Stars said...

Of course a 4 year old's opinion SHOULD count most when it comes to monsters!
and from an older-than-4-years-old, yes, I do think they're cute!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

The great thing about monsters...they don't have to be "perfect" :) They wouldn't know what to do if they were!

Glad your son likes them...he has good taste :)

Anonymous said...

Cute as always.. :D

Very Verdant said...

These are only the cutest monsters ever! Your 4 year old seems to have expert opinion.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Sometimes I think 4yr olds have the BEST opinions!