Sunday, June 14, 2009

Recycled To Market

I have a couple slipcovers that were given to me sometime back - never used. The fabrics are really fun...but not so much for my couch. Maybe if I were in college.
Anyway - I decided to make some bags for the market. I use my own totes when I shop - for more than just the grocery store. Some of my totes are too small for some things and I really like the basic Target bag used one as a template.
I have only used one of the slipcovers so far, but I was able to get 9 bags from it. The first one I kept for me because, well, it had some flubs.
I hope to have them all sewn up by the end of this week & I'll show them to you - hopefully as a tutorial if I remember to take pictures.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

That fabric looks awesome!

storybeader said...

great idea! cute fabrics!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Great idea!
I agree...this fabric will look way better as bags than as a couch! lol :)