Friday, June 5, 2009

Iron, Sew and Go Go Go

Four hours. FOUR hours!!! That is how long it took me to fuse all the interfacing onto the bags I cut last week. Last week? I think it was last week. I steamed my brains, so not sure anymore :P I wonder if a newer, better iron would help...or if all that interfacing would just take that long anyway. I think it was like 15 bags worth or something. But it is done. And I am only a week'ish behind. Not bad for me.

I did sew another messenger bag and some other odds 'n end finishing touches on stuff. The Sunnydale embroidery piece is also complete.

Now I just have to decide how much, if any, I want to try & complete before the show on Sunday. Or do I just want to make sure I have all the final touches done & all my stuff together & up to figure how to price the messenger bags. Those alone take me hours...usually the day/night before. Guess it depends on the little guy.

I also fixed the fix for my Zombie Worker. The bag is a tad shorter top to bottom than I originally planned, but I still like it. At least the flap is no longer too long. It's a great size for sketchbooks or other craft stuff since it is more like a wide rectangle than tall or a square. I may just keep it for myself if nobody likes it :)

Now I just need to step away from the computer & go go go....


Rose Works Jewelry said...

If my messenger bag ever breaks I sooo am going to get one from you :P

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Wow...15 bags! Way to go!