Sunday, December 4, 2011

Green Steam

I finally got my costumes on the dressform for a little photo taking. The background, well, just ignore the TV and stack of old VCR tapes. 

The color did not come out as good as it looks in person...which is unsurprising given the fabric type. But I think you can still get the idea. Oh, and the cami under the coat...mine. I ran out of time for the bustier and this top I already had matched so well, I just went with it.

 I couldn't find a way to show the fullness of the skirt, but the piece below the ruffle and trim, well, there were four and each was about 4 feet long...and took a half hour, EACH, to attach. But so worth it :)

The lacing on the back was a great touch....which I forgot to lace up for the costume party...ugh. Still looked good without though....and comfier to sit. I went with brown to match the trim on the skirt.

The ruffle neckline was awesome! And it was a good thing it was there since the top of the coat was so wide that my bra straps would have shown without the poof of the ruffle.

The little cap over the sleeve top added more to the look than I would have thought.

And I got to play with the new serger lots on this piece! And with metallic!


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I LOVE it! I bet that color is totally awesome in person!

Karen said...

That is so beautiful. Great job!

Pink said...

That's a great costume, it's refreshing to see steampunk that isn't just black and brown...