Sunday, December 18, 2011


 I say 'ish because it was by no means a traditional Alice costume. But she did inspire it. Too bad it did not turn out nearly as good as I had hoped. The satin got so crumply looking around the lace ups. AT least on it was not so noticeable.

I did like the peplum waistcoat and the poofy sleeve ends though. Comfy :)

The skirt was, well, waaaayyyy short. So I decided to lengthen it by using two different blues. That I did like. Gave it some pop. Oh, and the darker blue is sparkly...not that you can see it in the pics.

And the lace trim, so sweet.

The vest was much too big. But an easy fix. I just need to shorten the straps hat cross behind. I did not bother then since it sat under a closed coat.

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Pink said...

Perhaps reinforcing the waist with a stiffer fabric would stop that wrinkle at the ties? It looks like a fun outfit, you should post some pictures of it being worn!