Thursday, December 29, 2011


Avast ye...thingy! Walk the plank! Arrrgghhh and stuff!

Um, yeah...sooo...this was my pirate costume this past Halloween. Nothing like timely posting :) Actually, it is more like timely picture taking...and posting.

This costume gave me some headaches. The vest did anyway. This is the second one. The first got all wonky. I think it was simply a too stretchy fabric for the pattern. Now the fit, well, as you can see, it was not big enough to wrap around to button at the center front.

But I loved my solution so much better than a simple button. The larger skull and chain are a necklace. I attached the skull on and simply hung the chain over the smaller skull on the other side. Those smaller skulls are earring I found at a costume shop. Pretty neat find!

The flappy shoulder pieces turned out great. I was a little worried at first. It seemed like they were not going to fit. Thankfully it was not too bulky.

The top was super simple. I am glad I was short on time and left the edges raw. The fraying and loose threads is a great look for a rough pirate like myself. Don't believe the rough part huh? Me neither. But it was Halloween, I could go with it.

I also strapped a piratey pistol to my thigh with some of the red vest fabric. Since my dress form has no legs, I could not show that part off. But you can see it in this quick snapshot from an earlier post. (Not the most flattering pic...I will blame it on the angle)
Oh, and the sword too. You can see it there. That one did not live long enough to get photographed. The boys got a hold of it...and not the 6 year old...the 16 year old & his buddies. Goofballs! Gotta love 'em!


Spiky said...

it's a black pearl pirate costume.

Elvirah said...

Cool pirate costume to look a little spooky.